Thursday, January 20, 2011

Can Uncooked Oatmeal Get Stale?


gruscheln Whether the study and MeinVZ or poke on Facebook - in the virtual world we are all masters of the physical evidence of friendship. But what about the other side of the universe the social networks look like?
One thing is clear: mobile phone and Internet are increasingly the place of a joint visit to the café around the corner, and today hardly anyone stands before the door of his loved ones to "just to chat times" and to ensure that they well.

a growing distance between people and an emotional impoverishment meant the American minister Kevin Zaborney already felt in 1986 when he spontaneously National Hugging Day called into being.
Zaborney, whose mother had become accomplished in the eighties to a therapist and hug her son early on the emotional significance of simple physical proximity has taught, saw that the physical expressions of positive feelings, however, was scarce. With this observation in mind, he left in 1986 day of hugs first record in an event calendar. That the election on the 21th January marked, Zaborney justified by the low mood, which many people feel after from Christmas, when they fight against both the traditional hole in the wallet as well as against the dismal weather and the biting cold.
So then also came within a very short time, the first positive feedback on various media, from various local newspapers and even radio and TV stations announced all the National Hugging Day . Meanwhile the Day of hugs to International Hugging Day become and is celebrated around the world with hugs and even Hugging parties.

all, cry out now that they do not need a special day to hug their friends and family, and they are certainly not even strangers want to take on the road to the neck, were assured: The world's Cuddle Day We should all just remember the people we love, often to show you how important they are to us. Or, as Zaborney put it: Embrace your friend now, before he dies and you can give him only flowers.

In the sense also has the leash hertz team today diligently hugs distributed.

Sarah and Daniel, who until today has represented Christian. At this point, a cuddle on our Mr Morning, on Monday we finally have.

On this day could actually even be fremdgeknuddelt.

Igor was also before his lunch today still use durchgeknuddelt once neat.

for our student interns, who now had their last day at our station, there was a round of farewell cuddle.

Our media design Azubine Ana and joking along Henning Moderator in the studio.

The ladies at the reception: Ronja and Katrina.

high spirits at the young and old ...

... for men and women ...

... and online music to editing.

Only the nerds in the art have no friends and need to cuddle with their equipment. ;-) As an intern would be years Malte ...

... Tilman intern ...

... and art director Robert.

latter seems to be the rotation is not the cuddling of people really have out.

has since Achim rather have a few pretty girls in his arms.

And because it was so beautiful: Captain Wiese and his female crew. Arrr!

And who do you cuddle cuddly on World Day?


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